Happy Halloween!

Question: Have you ever incorporated your bicycle into a Halloween costume? Please share with us! Here a few pirates spotted in NYC that did. I hope everyone has a fun Halloween weekend!




The Sam Braxton Bike Shop Award

Who is the 2011 Sam Braxton Bike Shop Award winner? Jim’s Bicycle Shop! Thanks to the Adventure Cycling Association and long time customer, Ken Berger, who nominated us! More information from their website, below:

The recipient of the 2011 Sam Braxton Bike Shop Award is Jim Peters and Jim’s Bicycle Shop in Cincinnati, OH. In addition to being on the front lines of all things cycling in their community, Jim and his staff make it a priority to encourage their customers to become bicycle tourists. By providing guidance and training for new touring cyclists, they create a supportive atmosphere for jumping into bike travel. Plus, they maintain a bank of loaner travel cases and go to great lengths to accommodate special logistical requests. One nominator emphasized that the staff at Jim’s Bicycle Shop truly go out of their way “all to help someone have a great touring experience.”

After hearing of winning the award, Jim said, “It is great to be recognized for something we have enjoyed for the past 35 years. Whether it is a trip across Ohio or across the U.S., we will help our customers get there safely and well equipped. We will continue to encourage and assist cycling adventure for many years to come.”

What is the Sam Braxton Bike Shop Award, you ask? The Braxton Bike Shop Award is named in honor of the inaugural winner, the Braxton Bike Shop. In addition to servicing the repair needs of hundreds of long-distance riders, Sam Braxton hand built beautiful custom touring and expedition bikes and wheels designed for the rigors of loaded touring. His wife Shirley offered gracious hospitality that made the shop complete. This award honors bike shops throughout the nation that go out of their way to provide unique services to bicycle travelers. A long-standing commitment to providing touring equipment & gear, skilled mechanics, and great services are hallmarks of the winning bicycle shop. More on the award here: http://www.adventurecycling.org/outreach/awards/bikeshop.cfm

Read more about the Adventure Cycling Association and the other 2011 award winners here: http://blog.adventurecycling.org/2011/10/award-winners-announced.html

Enjoy your Saturday!


Flat Frame Systems

Flat Frame Systems is a small UK Design House which is in the process of developing products from ‘Engineered Wood’, with the first being a bicycle constructed with a complete wooden frame. Engineered Wood acts like a natural carbon fiber, where numerous laminations of timber are bonded together as a board, giving strength and stability. The frame is then made on a CNC machine to produce a beautiful cycle made from sustainable timber with very little energy consumed in the manufacture.

Very cool!


LOCAL: the bike version of the practical pick-up truck

For anyone who has wanted to use a bike for their daily lives and have considered the concept too impractical, FuseProject, a company that  develops cohesive brand + product experiences, focused on designing a useful tool for a local life, not just fulfilling the needs of one type of individual or grafting on to an existing bike. To address those needs we challenged the existing definition of the “cargo bike” and created the LOCAL bike. Read more about LOCAL here: http://www.fuseproject.com/products-63




What is B-cycle, you ask? B-cycle is the first large-scale municipal bike sharing system in the United States with B-stations located across the country. Bike sharing is a new way of getting around a city or campus. Imagine a network of bike stations located within a few blocks of one another throughout the community. As a bike-sharing member, you can unlock any of the specially designed bikes at any station and ride it to any other bike station.

What makes B-cycle extra cool? B-cycle is the only bike-sharing program that measures the actual distance traveled on each ride and keeps track of the calories you’ve burned and the carbon emissions you’ve prevented. All this information is available on your personal B-cycle web page.

Is B-cycle currently in Cincinnati? Not yet, but you can vote to bring it to Cincy here: http://www.bcycle.com/whowantsitmore.aspx

What’s Old is New Again

A recent customer saw Jim’s work in the Bicycle Museum of America, and recognized it as his Great Grandpa “Jackson’s” childhood bicycle. The bike was originally built in Erie, PA. The owner is going to pick up the bicycle this week and give it to his mom for her 91st birthday. Reunited and it feels so good!