Waterford RS22 Custom

The Waterford RS22 Custom is candy red with a stainless rear triangle and nuevo coco lugs. ¬†It is about the closest thing we can get to Santa’s red sleigh. ¬†Thanks to our loyal Waterford customer, John Kemper for his most recent addition!

Very cool commercial…

Blackberry just put out a new commercial, but it wasn’t the phone that caught my eye – it was the bicycles! I feel a new trend coming on… Watch and enjoy!


Watch video here: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pX5YsU8sir4&feature=player_embedded]

Haiku Street Signs

This is interesting: The Department of Transportation are now using haikus to get New Yorkers to pay attention to traffic safety rules. Transportation officials unveiled a series of “curbside haikus,” artful signs that will deliver a short but critical safety messages. The signs are being posted in high-crash locations throughout the city. Artist John Morese wrote the haikus and designed the accompanying art work. Officials say the signs will not be a distraction to drivers since they are only 8-by-8-inches. Read more here.

Have a great Saturday!